Frequently asked questions

1) My DX-1CXQ module doesn't see the XQD card?

For macOS 10.15 Catalina users, you must install or reinstall the Sony XQD driver. https://www.blackjetusa.com/software-tx1cxq

2) My DX-1S module doesn't see the SxS card?

You will need to download and install Sony's SxS Driver for your computer. https://pro.sony/en_FI/product-resources/software/firmware-sxs-device-driver

3) Does the TX-4DS work with Windows?

Please refer to this guide to work with Windows. Windows FAQ for TX-4DS

4) How do I check if my Windows computer has modern standby?

Please refer to this guide to verify if your computer has modern standby. Windows Modern Standby Guide